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Welcome Skiers

Mt. Shukson

Ever since 1992 we started bringing you shaped skis.  Now every ski on the mountain is a shaped ski.  I patented the Wide Short Ski and licensed all the major manufacturers, K2 being the first licensee....   After K2 owed millions of dollars in royalties they were not paying, we had a legal battle that they won with their much experienced legal team, invaliding my patent.  To read all the details visit our UNTOLD ODYSSEY page.

We are continuing our belief in a wide shaped ski for all skiers, as well as having the right ski to accommodate the powder skier in heavy, light, crud, and deeps.   We continued to offer advantages to the expert  skier with a few of the  Fat Skis custom made for powder of all conditions. 
I am now introducing you to a my new Adjustable Toe In / Toe Out Binding System.  Of course this system is for advanced skiers that can actually identify their need for improvement on their current systems.  I encourage you to take a look at my ADJUSTABLE BINDING SYSTEM. 
My website continue to offer you an opportunity to learn about our Shaped Ski History as well as the Untold Odyssey we have taken, and finally to purchase some of my last skis on the market.